Our dogs that were taken by Humane Society


Sadly at Friends for Life, we are currently in a desperate fight to save our shelter. 

On October 12th, 2016, our shelter was raided by armed police officers and Hawaiian Humane Society workers.  300+ of our dogs were taken away, many being dragged and beaten. The HHS issued a citation on 310 counts of animal cruelty against Friends for Life shelter, claiming that the animals were living in “inhumane” conditions,  Each count carries a maximum penalty of $2,000 in fines and a year of jail time.


We are now in a legal battle against the Hawaiian Humane Society in order to keep our shelter.  If we lose, we will have pay $270,000 worth in fines and the Moore family will lose their long-time home.

We are currently raising funds to keep Friends for Life open and to ensure the security of the Moore family.  If you would like to donate, please click on "DONATE NOW" at the bottom of the page.

We thank all our supporters for helping us during this difficult time. Much love and aloha.

October 14, 2016 · 

Lanny, I am hearing all of the reports on the news and am deeply saddened by it. I am sad that no one is reporting all of the good you have done for so many animals over the years. No one is reporting how hard you have tried to make improvements in the face of so much adversity, opposition & overwhelming burden placed on you as animal after animal came to your door and you were the one who had to choose life or death for that animal. You gave so many dogs a longer lease on life by your dedicated efforts and sacrifice. You scraped by and did the best you could with what you had.  Now you are being branded as a criminal. You are not. You are a good person and should be known as such. Those of us who adapted from you and visited you know better... I wish you the best of luck in future and know that there are those like me who are rooting for you and your love of animals. God bless you Lanny! ...  - Gary Sufrin

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